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The idea of trade unionism came into existence in Sabah in the early 1950s.The first organisation formed in the state was called the North Borneo Civil Services Union and it embraced all classes of workers. The functions of this organisation were only confined to social activities.

This organization was dissolved in early 1960s.At that time, workers were badly discriminated and exploited and these led to the formation of the North Borneo Commercial Employees’ Union. This Union represented both manual and non-manual workers. Both the Bank and the Timber Workers were members of this Union.

In 1965, bank employees in the The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation went on strike when the negotiation for the collective agreement came to a deadlock. This was the first strike in Sabah and eventually concluded the first bank collective agreement for the employees in Sabah. This agreement had laid down the foundation stone in the history of Sabah Trade Union Movement.

In the same year, the Trade Union Ordinance was extended to Sabah. Under this Law, the bank employees were required to form up their own union and this led to the birth of the Sabah Banking Employees’ Union in 1966.

On 11th September 1966 after the inaugural meeting of the bank employees in Kota Kinabalu, the Sabah Banking Employees’ Union was formed.

The founder members were :
Bro. David Tai Si Khyam
Bro. Siaw Yin Fung
Bro. Liau Yin Fah
Bro. Augustine Thien
Bro. Ho Hiap Vui
Bro. Chang Hon Phin
Bro. Liew Tham Choon
Bro. Fung Ket Wing
Bro. Soh Kok Leong
Bro. Liew Ah Ming
Bro. Lee Nyuk Chan
Bro. John Siaw Su Yin

The Union secured it’s registration on 15th June 1967 and in the same year on 17th September, the union held it’s 2nd Annual Delegates Conference.

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