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The Biennial Delegates Conference (BDC) is the supreme authority of the UNION. The BDC shall convene as soon as possible after 30th June and not later than 30th September of each alternate year. The date, time and place for the conference shall be decided by the Executive Council. The BDC shall consist of the delegates elected by Branches and of members and of the Executive Council.

The business of the BDC shall be:


The government of the Union and the conduct of its business, including trade disputes, in the period between Biennial Delegates Conference shall be vested in the Executive Council (EXCO).

The Executive Council shall be composed of:
One President One Vice President
One General Secretary One Asst. General Secretary
One General Treasurer Who shall be termed "Principal Officers of the Union" and who shall be elected biennially by secret ballot by the whole membership and one representative from each

Branch in the following order of precedence: Branch Secretary, Branch Chairperson, Branch Treasurer, Branch Committee Member

According to the number of votes they received in the last election. No Principal Officer of the Union shall hold office as Branch Representative. Members of the Executive Council shall hold office from one Biennial Delegates Conference to another. The Executive Council shall meet at least once in six months, and one-half of its number shall form a quorum. The minutes of an Executive Council Meeting shall be confirmed at the next meeting of the Council.


Branch Unions’ activities are administered and managed by the Branch Committee. Branch Committee consists of Chairman, a Secretary and a maximum of nine (9) or a minimum of four (4) Committee members.


Representative of employees in the Bank. They are the middle men for the purpose of maintaining good Industrial Relation between management and members. IRC can represent members’ in case there is a Domestic Inquiry held against the member.


SBEU has approx. 2,000 strong memberships which are very loyal and supportive to the Union and assist all other members in times of difficulties.


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